KISS – Part 3: 12 Songs in the Pepper Vault – and Final Thoughts

In the second part of this series we learned more of the Pepper lore with KISS.  In this final segment, we give a complete list of the “Pepper-connected” songs and our final thoughts.  We hope you have enjoyed this series with a different look at another part of the Pepper company.

As we talked through some of the original contracts in Part 2 of this series, my investigation turned up 12 songs total, listed below, with their corresponding writing credits and albums:

  1. “Black Diamond” – Stanley – KISS
  2. “Duce” – Simmons – KISS
  3. “Strutter” – Simmons & Stanley – KISS
  4. “Watchin’ You” – Simmons – Hotter Than Hell
  5. “Cold Gin” – Frehley – Dressed to Kill
  6. “Love Her All I Can” – Stanley – Dressed to Kill
  7. “She” – Coronel & Simmons – Dressed to Kill
  8. “Doblete” – Simmons – unreleased
  9. “White Trash” – Caornel, Gazzola McLeer, Doblete, Simmons – unreleased
  10. “Simple Type” – Simmons – unreleased
  11. “Keep Me Waiting” – Stanley – unreleased
  12. “Molly” – Stanley – unreleased

Occasionally, you’ll find a Wicked Lester compilation on Amazon or eBay.  These are bootleg/burned recordings from someone’s personal copy, and are unauthorized according to the KISS establishment and Gladwyne Music.  They are also typically of low fidelity and truthfully in violation of copyright law.  However, they do give an interesting look into the early years of  “The Hottest Band in the World.”  It’s also really cool to say “Hey, ya know, the company I work for is responsible, in part, for the rock band KISS.”  And everybody knows who KISS is today.

With Dean Burtch’s assistance, KISS has gone on to be one of the most successful (and lucrative) rock bands in history.  In Simmons own words, “Sold out, yup… every show we play.”  They are constantly reinventing themselves and giving back to others and to their fans even now, over 40 years later.  Simmons has his own reality TV show and Stanley is becoming a well-known painter.  They are currently on tour with Mötley Crüe.  They have also most recently given generously to the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting massacre, plus they have hired a veteran to be their road manager, bringing the plight of the recently returned home, unemployed vet to the forefront.

The rest as we say, is KISStory and things have come full circle.  I now work for the company without which I would not know who the Demon, the Starchild, the Spaceman and the Cat are, and the world would be a whole lot more dull.

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