Aurora School of Music Connecting with Families Through Art

November 28, 2018

The wooden harpsichord keys moved under her fingers, filling the backstage room with music. Then, past a curtain and onto the stage, she walked to the piano and ran her fingers nimbly over its keys.

Vera Holczer-Waroquet, founder of the Aurora School of Music, sat in one of the 175 seats in the Holczer-Waroquet concert hall at the school. Days before she celebrated the school’s 15th year anniversary with a ribbon cutting, a slideshow and a visit from Aurora’s mayor.

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Drumming Away the Stress

August 17, 2018

UH Music Therapist Danny Rose, said he generally spends about 60 percent of his time working directly with patients. The remainder of his time, he said, he spends with employees of University Hospitals all over the east side of Cleveland, including UH Portage Medical Center.

He said playing music is a good way to tamp down stress levels and help UH employees live healthier work lives.

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