Personality Predicts Musical Preference

June 5, 2018

Past attempts to link personality to musical taste have foundered on the rocks of small sample sizes, culturally homogenous samples (usually of undergraduates at universities in rich countries) and the fact that most such studies relied on the participants themselves defining what genres they enjoyed. But Jason Rentfrow of Cambridge University and Gideon Nave of the University of Pennsylvania think they have bypassed these obstacles.

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Lyric-sharing deals aim to support songwriters

November 22, 2016

Lyrics are now largely available at the point of music consumption, integrated into music services and devices, in real time with music listening. For fans, this allows for deeper dives into the meaning of music. More importantly, many of the lyrics in use are now being acquired through proper licenses, which means royalties are more likely to make their way to whoever owns the rights to those words.

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Source: The Economist