Women Fighting Sexism in Jazz Have a Voice. And Now, a Code of Conduct

May 4, 2018

The We Have Voice Collective, a new group of female and non-binary musicians in jazz and experimental music, plans to release a Code of Conduct on Tuesday that aims to build upon the conversations sparked by jazz’s own #MeToo movement, clearly articulating what a more equitable workplace might look like and setting expectations for change.

The collective comprises 14 instrumentalists and vocalists and is working to ensure that predatory and sexist behavior is seen as aberrant, not as part of the cost of doing business in jazz.

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Inside Milan’s Opulent Retirement Home for Musicians

April 11, 2018

Casa Verdi is inundated each year with applications from composers, conductors, singers, orchestral players, music teachers and anyone else who has “exercised the art of music as a profession,” as the foundation’s website puts it. Once applicants establish their professional bona fides, Casa Verdi’s board makes choices based on who they think will be a good fit.

The successful applicants get to spend their last years in a place where, in addition to room, board and medical treatment, they have access to concerts, music rooms, 15 pianos, a large organ, harps, drum sets and the company of their peers.

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Rarely Heard Jonathan Larson Works Will Be Performed at 54 Below

February 7, 2018

Jonathan Larson finished just two full musicals before his death at age 35 in 1996. But he left behind a vast collection of song demos, stray lyrics and unfinished ideas. Some of those rarely heard songs will be brought together in a concert called “The Jonathan Larson Project,” coming to Feinstein’s/54 Below in October.

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The Composer Who Owns Christmas

December 18, 2017

HEMINGFORD ABBOTS, England — It is the sort of English village that you might find on Christmas cards: a medieval church, a placid river, thatched cottages, swans. So it’s no great surprise that it is also where you can find John Rutter, a composer so identified with Christmas that he has all but earned a place with the kings and shepherds by the manger.

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The Sound of Music Through El Sistema Kenya

December 8, 2017

Over the years, El Sistema in Venezuela has developed into a social program aimed at helping disadvantaged youth through music instruction and has inspired music educators globally. For the teens in Kawangware, a slum in west Nairobi, the classes are something they look forward to each week.

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