Experimental 1872 Cello Played by Raphael Pidoux

July 18, 2018

In this video from the Musée de la musique at the Philharmonie de Paris, Raphaël Pidoux plays an experimental cello made by luthier Thomas Zach in 1872.

The piece is the Humoreske op.11 no.2 by David Popper, the cellist who showcased this very instrument at the Vienna World’s Fair in 1873.

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New Record Set for G.B. Guadagnini Violin at London Auction

July 2, 2018

The ‘Sinzheimer’ violin, made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini early in his Turin period, has broken the auction record for the maker, fetching $2,105,305 (£1,587,000)  including buyer’s premium at Tarisio’s 25 June London auction. This sale marks the first time that the “ex-Sinzheimer” Guadagnini has been offered for sale publicly in nearly 60 years.

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The ‘Sabionari’ Stradivarius Guitar, 1679

June 20, 2018

By the end of the 1600s the Stradivari guitar was quite popular in Europe. Many were built in Cremona, in the Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri workshops. Of the five or six Stradivari guitars still extant, the 1679 ‘Sabionari’ is, thanks to a recent restoration, the only Stradivari guitar that is currently playable. Hearing the sound of an original Baroque guitar is something extremely rare and helps scholars and musicians to understand both Stradivari’s conception of guitars and contemporary interpretations of 18th-century music.

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