Jazz 100: Christian McBride and the Future of Jazz

September 20, 2017

In the orchestral world, the bass section is often underappreciated, being relegated to the back of the ensemble and assigned the vital yet rarely glamorous task of setting the foundations for each different piece. In jazz, however, a bassist has the opportunity to explore a greater range of style and sound. The best jazz bassists are not just talented, but versatile – two words that happen to perfectly describe jazz bassist Christian McBride.

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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Greg Gilpin

August 9, 2017

Music education is a pivotal part of keeping our culture alive, and the teachers who carry out this mission need the support of other musicians to secure the future of music. In the world of choral and classroom music, Greg Gilpin has taken up that call. As Director of Educational Choral Publications for Shawnee Press, Gilpin spends his days helping teachers unlock the full potential of their young singers.

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From the Editors

Choosing the Right Strings, Rosin, and Mute for Your Instrument

July 19, 2017

Choosing the right accessories for your ensemble can be tricky, especially on a budget. Some accessories can greatly affect the overall sound and efficacy of an ensemble. As a teacher, anything you provide that helps your ensemble sound more mature will give them a leg up when it comes to performances and festivals. Using the right products is also important for instrument care and can help keep your instruments in tip-top shape all year round.

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