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Microphone Types and Uses

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Definition:  Microphone — or mic — converts acoustic energy into electrical energy, resulting in an audio signal.

Rather than going into the scientific details I am going to outline the different types of microphones …

Mixing Live Sound

Mixing Live SoundHere are a few handy tips and some basic information on what goes into setting up and mixing live sound:

  1. A “mix” is created by combining the separate audio signals from individual voices or instruments into one.
  2. Usually two mixes,

What is Sound?

Before touching on equipment or technique, it is important to understand exactly what sound is and how it works.  While there are far more scientific aspects involved with the subject of sound than what I am going to cover here, …

The Challenges of Live Sound

How many times have you attended the concert of a performer that you love and thought to yourself, “Wow, I really wish that I could hear the vocalist better” or “Does that guitar really need to be so front and …