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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Joseph Martin

August 27, 2015

Joseph Martin is one of the most influential composers in sacred music today. His music has graced countless congregations and led many to consider with awe the glory of creation. From a very young age, this was his mission. Martin grew up in North Carolina, the son of a minister and a church pianist. Music and faith blended together for him from the very beginning of his life.

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11 Fun Facts about “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and The Wizard of Oz

August 22, 2014

Believe it or not, the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz is upon us.  The ubiquitous classic that immortalized Judy Garland’s face and voice while simultaneously giving children everywhere flying-monkey-related nightmares had its Hollywood premiere on August 15, 1939.  To honor this huge and greatly loved film, here are 11 of our favorite facts about the movie, its star, and the smash hit song that still touches hearts to this day.

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A Worship Event

October 9, 2012
A Worship Event

When you work for a cutting-edge company like J.W. Pepper, you sometimes have to find new ways to reinvent the wheel.  We found ourselves thinking of this as we were planning a sacred event called Christmas in July.  We invited three of the best composers in the country:  Joe Martin, Randy Vader and Pepper Choplin.

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