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J.W. Pepper’s Work to Be Featured on National Television October 30 & 31

October 26, 2018

J.W. Pepper President Glenn Burtch says he often encounters people who are surprised by the complexity of his company’s business. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and work to be able to distribute large volumes of sheet music and other music products to schools, churches and other organizations across the country each year. That effort occurs quietly behind the walls of Pepper’s distribution centers in Georgia and Utah.

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The Pepper Difference

Behind the Scenes of Editors’ Choice

August 1, 2018

Tom Dean says when he worked as a music teacher he faced a daunting task every summer – the job of sorting through mountains of new sheet music to find the gems that might work for his school choirs. That changed when he discovered a service called Editors’ Choice. It made finding quality music much easier. Now Dean is J.W. Pepper’s Classroom and School Choral Editor, and he is part of the team that puts together the Editors’ Choice lists.

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The Pepper Difference

A New Sheet Music App Adds More Digital Options

May 15, 2018

Technology finds its way into every aspect of our lives, and if we harness it effectively, it can change things for the better. That was the mindset behind creating Pepper’s ePrint service, which allows you to print your own sheet music. It is also the idea behind our new ePrintGo app, which enables you to take your ePrint music anywhere on any device. Both of these digital sheet music options are about providing customers with options they could not get with standard sheet music orders.

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Directors' Toolbox

Managing Your Music Ensembles with Cut Time

January 22, 2018

There are many moving parts involved in managing music ensembles. Between keeping track of inventory, communicating with students and parents, coordinating volunteers, planning trips, and keeping track of finances, music teachers often need a variety of tools to keep their groups running smoothly.

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The Pepper Difference

New Large Print Sheet Music from Pepper

October 11, 2017

Music is a passion for singers of all ages, and for many, performing in a choir is one of their greatest joys in life. But when a singer’s eyesight begins to deteriorate, performance can become difficult. Whether it is from age, illness, or another cause, diminished eyesight can become a major obstacle to performing the music you love.

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