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Composer Patrick Hawes’ Spiritual Path

May 14, 2019

British composer Patrick Hawes gives an unusual answer when asked if there’s anything career-wise he wishes he could do better. His response: “Nothing.” The reason is based on Hawes’ Christian beliefs. He says he believes his ability to compose choral and symphonic music is a gift from God.

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Recruiting Members for Your Church Choir

February 27, 2019

Most choir directors spend time thinking about how to keep their group vital and thriving. This usually involves the recruitment of new members from your congregation and community. Keeping things fresh and vibrant is a true challenge, and sometimes competing with the rest of the world to help grow your ministry can be tiresome. Here are some ideas about how you can invest in your ministry and grow in important ways.

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Multigenerational Singing in Church

January 3, 2019

The spiritual and educational value of asking different generations to sing together is meaningful, and the energy they create together can be palpable. In the “good old days,” multigenerational singing was a regular part of worship. Now, many churches offer special activities for children and youth during services, and this can affect how young people view worship. Recently, churches are rethinking this philosophy by looking for moments where children, youth, adults and seniors all get an opportunity to minister together. I’d like to offer some suggestions about how you might form and maintain a multigenerational musical group.

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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Michael John Trotta

March 1, 2018

Clinician, conductor, and composer Michael John Trotta is one of the bright young minds of modern choral music. His work has been performed at Carnegie Hall and featured at several national conferences, with recordings of his compositions broadcast worldwide. Pepper had the opportunity to sit down with Trotta to discuss his background, inspiration, views on education, and some of his most successful works. Continue Reading…

Directors' Toolbox, Sacred

Mark Cabaniss’ Top 10 Reasons for Performing a Musical

December 28, 2016

Night of Miracles… Joy Comes in the Morning… Friends… It’s Cool in the Furnace… Celebrate Life… and the list could go on. Hopefully, you’re acquainted with or have experienced first-hand some or all of these now-classic musicals written by giants of church music. In my personal experience, the musical, or cantata, played a major role in my development as a church musician, writer, and then publisher.

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