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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Paul Mealor

November 12, 2015

On the cusp of 40, Paul Mealor has already built a legacy of musical excellence. His journey started at the young age of 10 when he began learning from teacher and composer William Mathias. Mathias is probably best known for composing an anthem specifically for the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981.

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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Kim André Arnesen

October 28, 2015

Kim André Arnesen is one of today’s most promising young choral composers. As a child growing up in Norway, Arnesen developed a love for choral music after joining the Boys’ Choir at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. An accomplished pianist as well, he found himself most drawn to requiems, especially Mozart’s. It was while listening to these classics that Arnesen first wondered if he himself could also write music.

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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Mark Hayes

October 7, 2015

Known to be one of the most versatile composers and arrangers of our time, Mark Hayes is popular with both worship and secular choirs. He bridges the gap between style and content, making his music accessible to anyone who loves to sing. No doubt, his ability to write songs that appeal to the identities of many different choirs is what has made him one of the most widely performed contemporary composers.

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The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Joseph Martin

August 27, 2015

Joseph Martin is one of the most influential composers in sacred music today. His music has graced countless congregations and led many to consider with awe the glory of creation. From a very young age, this was his mission. Martin grew up in North Carolina, the son of a minister and a church pianist. Music and faith blended together for him from the very beginning of his life.

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Announcing the Voices in Praise Music Conference

November 4, 2013

Join us for a two-day celebration of music and worship!  The VIP session is a special blend of praise and worship music, new music reading, and musical fellowship for choir directors.  We blend music from multiple publishers into a veritable festival that will introduce you and your choir to the many different styles of worship music.

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Directors' Toolbox, Sacred

Worship Planning for the New Liturgical Year

October 30, 2013

The new liturgical year is fast approaching and church choirs across the nation are preparing for Advent and the Christmas season.  For choir directors, it is the most hectic time of the year and worship planning can be very difficult.  Finding the right music for your congregation can be difficult, but Pepper has the tools to help.

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From the Editors

The Celebration of Christ the King Sunday

September 30, 2013

With the end of the liturgical year approaching, so too is the oft misunderstood Feast of Christ the King.  Many Christian faiths celebrate this feast, including Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Methodists, but the origin and reasoning behind the celebration is not always well known among the congregations.

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