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A Collection of Choral Conversations

Where do composers get their ideas and inspiration?  When you’re rehearsing a piece, do you ever wish you and your choir could get to know the composer a little better?

That wish prompted us to interview half a dozen very gifted choral composers to get their thoughts on everything from what they’re currently working on to what’s on their iPods to what kind of work they would do if they weren’t musicians.  We’re proud to present this collection of composer interviews!

Choral Conversations:  Joseph Martin

Choral Conversations:  Mary Lynn Lightfoot

Choral Conversations:  Sally Albrecht

Choral Conversations:  Joel Raney

Choral Conversations:  Mary McDonald

Choral Conversations:  Dan Forrest

Choral Conversations:  Heather Sorenson

We hope you enjoy our Choral Conversations series.  Stay tuned for more of your favorite composers!

Jen Tolnay
Jen Tolnay has been working for J.W. Pepper since 1991. She previously worked in customer service, and now spends her time on Pepper’s social media efforts. Jen has a degree in music theory from Temple University, and spent many years as musical director and accompanist for a variety of musical theatre productions She also works as the choir director/pianist/organist at a local church.

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