A Legacy of Praise


So many things influence who we are.  For many of us, our spiritual lives are surrounded by music.  So much so, they often seem to be distinctly joined together, as two hands folded in prayer.  As children it’s often our first exposure to faith, singing Bible songs and reciting poems.  For composer Joseph Martin, faith and music began a legacy of praise which has become the focus of his career and life.

Foundations of faith and music were deeply planted within Joe from the beginning.  His father, a minister, and his mother, a church pianist, surrounded him with ministry and art.  This started a legacy which Joe himself would later pass on to his children.  “They established my foundations for worship and praise,” he says.

Joe’s passion for music, and love of Lord, led him to a career as a composer.  He is the director of sacred publications for Shawnee Press, a division of Hal Leonard.  In addition, he is also a lyricist, pianist and conductor, most recently taking the podium at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.

Recently, a beautiful article written by Mr. Martin came across my desk.  I got about halfway through and thought, I’m witnessing testimony.  Joe very eloquently puts into words what so many of us desire for our ministry.  He writes from his heart – truthful, faith-filled accounts of how God is working in his life, through the music he shepards.

We each hope to pass down a legacy in our lives, and in our ministries.  Our ability to share our gifts and give of our talents will enable God’s music to reach generations to come, continuing the legacy of praise.  As Joe says, “it’s sharing that empowers all of our ministries as we attempt to tell the old, old story in a new, new way.”

For the complete article by Joseph Martin, click here.

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