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Music in the Valley
Music in the Valley New Music Reading Session

Since we can’t bring a reading session to every town, we videotape some of our sessions, and offer them to you online to enjoy.   The session featured here, “Music in the Valley,” took place in January in beautiful St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Hanover, Pennsylvania.   Hanover is a lovely town, and home to more than their fair share of snack food manufacturers like Snyders, Hanover and Utz.   The town is charming, rich in history and worth a visit sometime.

Our friends from Shawnee Press presented lovely new selections for worship for spring Sundays and year-round use.  Joe Martin, Robert Sterling, and Heather Sorensen guide you through the music.  We understand if you all couldn’t be there with us in person.  Please enjoy the video and consider joining us at a future session if you can.  We’d love to say hello.

J.W. Pepper reading session videos



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