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A Truly Super Championship

I had an exceptionally rewarding experience this fall when I attended the Bands of America Super Regional Championships in Saint Louis. Almost 50 bands from 14 states took part in two days of preliminary marching band competition, culminating with the top 14 groups competing Saturday evening in finals competition.

I have attended this and many other competitions in the past and this has to rank as one of the finest I have attended. Every group that took part was well rehearsed, disciplined and displayed a remarkable level of musicianship and movement. It was amazing that so many groups were able to offer such a broad spectrum of sounds, motion and visual impact.

Being able to perform inside the enclosed Edward Jones Stadium provided an extra bonus as groups were able to feature soloists, small ensemble playing and a wide range of dynamics that could be lost outdoors. The level of playing by the soloists and sections was exceptional and it was nice to be able to hear and appreciate such fine playing.

It was also a treat to see so many family members and band enthusiasts in attendance throughout the two days of competition. They not only cheered for their own school but showed appreciation for all the groups they watched, they cheered and applauded the high impact points of the shows, and listened intently to show their appreciation of the many fine soloists that performed throughout the event.

All the participants deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication, not just the groups making the finals. The high goals that every band strives for resulted in two days of excellence that everyone had a hand in creating. My congratulations go out to each and every student, director and supportive parent and administrator. I can’t wait for next year!

Click here for information about Band of America’s Super Regional Championship Shows.



Ron Allenhttp://www.jwpepper.com
Music advocate, trombone/euphonium player, private low brass instructor, Concert Band Editor for J.W.Pepper, member of Northwinds Symphonic Band, Kansas City, Missouri.

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