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An Evening with Roger Ingram

They came to hear one of the masters.  High School musicians, old-school jazz players and everything in between from all over the Philadelphia area.  The date: October 23rd.  The place:  J.W. Pepper in Exton, Pennsylvania.  The man:  living trumpet legend and author of Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing, Roger Ingram.

A crowd of about sixty eager musicians filed into Pepper’s Northeast Regional store starting around six to see Roger Ingram play.  Some brought instruments, others brought notepads and pencils, but everyone brought their curiosity.  It is not every day one has the opportunity to listen to one of the greats of our time.  Roger Ingram has been performing professionally since the age of 16.  He played with legends like Tom Jones and Harry Connick, Jr., as well as a number of other big bands. Ingram spent much of the first part of his class discussing the many twists and turns his life took that brought him where he is today.  He regaled the audience with stories of the many music teachers he sought while on tour.  It was his mission to learn something from the best trumpet teacher in every city and town he stopped in.  His life story is a testament to the value of hard work, persistence, and never giving up on improving your technique.

Roger described some of his own techniques and his favorite equipment.  He discussed his lifelong interest in mutes as well as a new model of trumpet he is collaborating on called the 1600I. He also discussed some of his own mouthpiece models and their uses.  Ingram took time to talk with those who came out, holding a number of conversations with local trumpet players of all skill levels.

The class was part of the new Jazz with Pepper series set up by employee Al Moretti. We will be hosting some of the most popular modern jazz musicians in the business today.  Watch for updates on the next event at the Pepper office in Exton, PA.



Brendan Lyons
Brendan started at Pepper in 2012 and currently works in the Marketing department as a copywriter. A graduate of Villanova University, Brendan has been a musician for over twenty years. He is also an author, using his talents at Pepper to bring the knowledge of our experienced staff to our customers.

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