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    A special event takes place each year that demonstrates the unique nature of a calling to music ministry.  Each year scores of Christian music publishers gather together for fellowship and knowledge-sharing as members of the Church Music Publishers Association.  During this time, members reconnect with old friends, welcome new friends, and pause to define and reaffirm the true purpose of their work.  Sure, they are businessmen and women with a job to do, but they are so much more.  They are a warm and gracious group of outstanding musicians, with a sense of the purpose not found in most industries. 

    Over the coming months, we here at Pepper will see and hear the fruits of their labor in the musicals, octavos and praise charts they create.  We’ll gladly share all of this with you.  We know our publishing friends are right now working with passion to provide music worthy of bringing the Word to you and your congregation.  Their days are filled with the necessary business of publishing: composing, editing, printing and recording; but as you can imagine, their work is more than a job.  It is their mission and their ministry.  

    Look for music from this year’s CMPA attendees: 

    Albert E. Brumley & Sons, Alfred Publishing Company, Augsburg Fortress, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Carl Fischer, Choristers Guild, Daywind Music Publishing, Emack Music, EMI CMG Publishing, Fred Bock Music Company, GIA Publications, Hal Leonard Publishing, Hillsong Publishing, Hinshaw Music, Hope Publishing, Integrity Media, Jeffers Handbell Supply, Kingsway Communications, Lifeway Worship Music Group, Lillenas Publishing Group, Lilly Mach Music, The Lorenz Corporation, Mann Music, Maranatha Music, Nelon Music Group, Praisegathering Music Group, Razor and Tie Music, Rush Hicks, Jr., Shawnee Press, Simpleville Music, Small Stone Media, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Soundforth, Sunmin Music, Troubadour for the Lord, Vineyard Music Global, Word Music, Brier Patch Music, Fred Bock Institute of Music, Getty Music, Weimer Consulting.


    1. I would love like to see Christians to take our singing and playing craft more seriously. We seem to have fallen in to a rutt of “campfire music / singing” and though there is nothing wrong with that (for people 16 and under) this seems to keep getting spoonfed to the church as “great modern worship.” Paul said when I was a child I spoke as a child I reasoned as a child etc. but when I became older, I put away childish things.” I wish we could do that. Also: David played skillfully before the Lord. Old testament singers & musicians were hand picked by by their talents first and then weeded out by their dedication to God (because they had so many people “trying out” that were skillfull, they could afford to do that). Nowadays what we do is we pull in anyone “who’s heart is right” and leave out the talent part altogether. Paul said to run the race for the victor’s crown. The bible instructs us to study to show ourselves approved. Yes of course it means to study scripture but also to strive for excellence in all we do. I’m not in any way trying to eclipse the holy consecration of one’s self unto our creator in an abject posture of total surrender and holy communion unto our Lord, but I would so love to see the church take God seriously as though they are playing before a King, rather than it be “just good enough.”

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