An Irish Christmas


For the last decade, the names Keith and Kristyn Getty have become synonymous with the movement to bridge the chasm between the more modern “Praise and Worship” and “Traditional” worship.

Acclaimed modern-day hymn writers, the Gettys have been able to bring traditionalism to modern worship and modernism to traditional worship with their exquisite melodies and dramatic text!

In Christ Alone, one of their most popular compositions, has become a modern anthem that tells the story of Christ from his humble birth and his earthly ministry to his painful, sacrificial death on the cross.  The last verse continues with his triumphant resurrection and the home that is prepared for us.  For the evangelical Christian, that pretty much sums it up in four succinct verses.

This year, the Gettys have released a new holiday CD entitled Joy, An Irish Christmas. While the Gettys now live in the United States, they have certainly not forgotten where they came from.  This CD is filled with beautiful music that will put you in the spirit and share the good news of the baby in the manger!

Keith Getty said, “In this season, bringing the Good News in the form of music is also an opportunity to offer a glimpse of what Christmas in Ireland is like for us.”

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Doug McComas
Music advocate, church choir director, pianist, vocalist, private music teacher, sacred choral editor at J.W. Pepper, supporter of Pepper's southeastern US customers from our store in Georgia

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