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You have the shades and the hat and have loaded up with sunscreen;  the chair is back, a light breeze blows as the pages in your book are gently trying to turn.  All the while, in the background, you barely notice the trademark sounds of children playing, waves crashing, and the squawking song of the seagulls as they circle around your head for food.

The last fleeting moments of summer have finally drawn to a close.  Upon checking your iPhone, you realize that it’s time to “face the music.”  School is back in session!

Okay, so let’s get real.  Your students are just about at your doorstep and you are wondering what this new school year will bring.  You’ve always found some interesting ways to impart your “pearls of wisdom” but this is a new year and they expect more!  What to do.  Upon pulling out all of the room decorations and teaching supplies from the past few years, you realize that they are just the same ol’, same old.  So, as a former educator of students grades K-12 myself, I will make it easy for you by giving you a solid list of some sure-fire must-have supplies.

2012 – 2013 Top 10 list of “Must Haves” for the Music Educator

10.  Discover Music – # 10097994

9.  Kodaly Hand Signs Posters – # 3304568

8.  Song Libs – # 10307504

7.  Music Centers – Reproducible Kit – #10295727

6.  Word Wall Kit – # 10005274

5.  Music Achievement Certificate – # 10095331

4.  Hal Leonard Rhythm Flash Card Kit – # 1912690

3.  Music Makers – # 10096570

2.  Music Instruments Colossal Poster – # 10098034

And the # 1 “must have” supply:

1.  Hand Sanitizer!

From all of your friends here at J.W. Pepper & Son, best wishes for a successful school year!

Karen DeSimone
Karen DeSimone is a graduate of Immaculata College with a Bachelor degree in Music Education and a certificate in Elementary Education. She also has done graduate work in Elementary Education through West Chester University.

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