Band Camp Season


It’s band camp season! That’s right, this time-tested musical tradition happens every August with new and veteran students coming together to learn marching band shows for the fall. Whether you are in a competitive, football or parade band, the rigors of August will always be a part of the marching band season.

Band camp seasonWhile learning new music, drill, and auxiliary routines are key to success, this can also be a terrific social opportunity for students. Reuniting with classmates, gaining a better understanding of each other and building new friendships makes it an exciting time for band students. Surviving and growing together as a group at camp will likely create special memories that last a lifetime.

With temperatures reaching record levels throughout the country this summer, don’t forget to stay hydrated and comfortable. Freshmen sometimes wonder why they have to take a gallon of water with them to that first rehearsal, but they soon learn why it’s so important. Ice pops, wet towels and the rare shady spot near your practice facility can help the band stay healthy in the summer sun.

To all the marching bands taking to fields, parking lots, band rooms and stadiums across the country, we wish you much success.  If you have a favorite band camp moment, share it with us. And don’t forget, try to stay cool!


Paul Smith
Paul has been an active Pepper employee for over 33 years and is currently Vice President of Customer Contact Center/Corporate Facilities. He is a music education and copyright advocate, percussionist and marching band/indoor percussion/drum corps adjudicator.

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