Broadway Comes to the Movies


I am among the fortunate who live close enough to New York to see a Broadway show, if not as often as I’d like, at least once in a while.  But there are a lot that I miss, and I’ve always wished I could see those shows, and have an affordable way to introduce my kids to my love of musical theater.

So this past June I was thrilled to see Fathom Events offer the Lincoln Center production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company starring Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone, Jon Cryer and Stephen Colbert among other performing greats, at a movie theatre around the corner from my house.  I immediately bought tickets for my two teenagers and myself.

I was not sure what to expect as far as audience turnout; would there be a big audience for a revival of a Sondheim musical in my very suburban neighborhood?  Arriving at the theater, I was pleasantly surprised to find a packed house – my group had to sit in the back row just to get seats together.  I recognized several people in the audience, including a group of high school students.  The audience reaction was wonderful, with everyone laughing and obviously enjoying the performance.  Most interesting was the applause after many of the musical numbers.

Of course, seeing a movie is not the same as a live musical performance so my kids and I attend as much professional and community theater and music performances as we can.  But for those who don’t have the means to see live professional theater, this is good way to experience top-notch performances of great material.  You may also be pleasantly surprised to see who else in your community comes out to enjoy the show.  Upcoming movie theater events include a Wynton Marsalis/Eric Clapton concert and a series of live broadcasts from the Met.

There’s a new production of Follies opening next month on Broadway.  Fathom Events, will that be coming to our neighborhood movie theaters soon?

Click here for more information about Fathom Events.

Click here to see music from Company.


Jen Tolnay
Jen Tolnay has been working for J.W. Pepper since 1991. She previously worked in customer service, and now spends her time on Pepper’s social media efforts. Jen has a degree in music theory from Temple University, and spent many years as musical director and accompanist for a variety of musical theatre productions She also works as the choir director/pianist/organist at a local church.

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