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    We’ve all performed music that inspires us and touches those that hear it in a special way.   By our very nature as musicians, we love to collaborate with others.  Here at Pepper, we want to give you a place to share your tips, suggestions and recommendations about music, so we now offer customer reviews on our website!

    Use our Customer Reviews to let others know what made the music work for you.  Did a piece help you develop certain skills within your group?  Maybe you found a great musical pairing, or want to share a creative staging or classroom activity.

    If you have something special to share about the music, we invite you to enter your comments on our websites,  jwpepper.com and PianoAtPepper.com.

    Pull up any title and look for the “Customer Reviews” tab.   All we ask is the writing be respectful and offer value to other readers.  It’s fine to say something didn’t work for you, but if you do, try to explain why.

    We look forward to reading your comments!




    1. Greetings,

      My comment concerns all of the email notifications about pieces to perform throughout the year. For example, I received an email about brass music for Easter. Easter is 2 weeks away. I planned Easter music at least 2-3 months ago. I feel that if the notifications came sooner, not only would I read them, but they’d actually be useful.

      • Hi Stephanie, I have passed your suggestion along to our church music editor. I believe we have sent previous eClub mailings with Easter music and were just following up with some last-minute suggestions. Thank you for your feedback!

    2. Is everything going to be on computer from now on? I do a lot of my sample listening while traveling in the car. I do not take my computer. It would be really nice to get the CD samples as in years past. Not everyone stays glued to their computer 24-7.

      • Hi Carol, you can still purchase the Editors’ Choice booklet/CD packs. On our homepage, just underneath the link for the on-line Editors’ Choice, there is a link to click to purchase the Editors’ Choice packs. Please let me know if you need anything other information. Thank you for your feedback!

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