Celebrating Patriotic Music


Each year when the annual celebration of our nation’s birth approaches, patriotic music becomes more prevalent in our daily lives. These songs paint a picture of our nation through their spirited melodies and inspiring lyrics. This Independence Day, Pepper has compiled some of our blogs about our national anthem, the “March King,” and other patriotic sheet music, along with interviews with some of the masters of military music.

The national anthem:

Exploring the Sound of Patriotism

The Star-Spangled Banner Turns 200

7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Star-Spangled Banner

The Star-Spangled Banner 1814 to 1913

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue


John Philip Sousa:

The Stars and Stripes Forever

The Story of John Philip Sousa


The Inside Voice:

Colonel John R. Bourgeois

The U.S. Army Brass Quintet


We hope you enjoy this round-up of our patriotic blogs. There are many more blogs to read on history and culture at Cued In. To find them, select one of the categories in the right-hand column of the blog page. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!



Brendan Lyons
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