Copyright: An Overview Presented by J.W. Pepper


It is rare that any music educator today does not run into the question of whether or not something they are doing violates copyright law.

With so many gray areas and ever-changing artistic media, it’s difficult to really know where to even begin when questions regarding copyright arise.  Just as important is educating our students so that they too can learn and understand the rules associated with copyright.

This exclusive 13-minute video from J.W. Pepper offers an overview of copyright issues and covers topics such as history, what is admissible, what is prohibited, where to seek out copyright permission, and resources for those times that there simply is no easy answer to your copyright questions.  We hope you find this tool useful as a guide for music educators and students alike:

Did you know that J.W. Pepper offers in-depth copyright presentations as a service to colleges and universities?  If you are a music educator and would like to take advantage of this free service, please contact us to set up a visit to your classroom!



Mandy Kubik
Singer/Songwriter; Keyboard, Piano, Flute Player; Certified Associate Recording Engineer/Producer; Music Advocate; Former Regional Manager, J.W. Pepper, Michigan

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