The Inside Voice: An Interview with John Rutter


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with John Rutter and discuss his forthcoming Anniversary Editions series, published by Oxford University Press and Hinshaw Publications.  2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the Cambridge Singers, and the composer’s 70th birthday is quickly approaching.

With this in mind, the John Rutter Anniversary Editions celebrate his huge contribution to choral music with special editions of his seminal works and accompanying notes on the music and performance.

We hope you enjoy the interview.  Browse the music of John Rutter.






Scott Grady
Scott is the VP of Digital Marketing and Brand Development at J.W. Pepper. He has been with Pepper for 20 years and has lived across the country and back, sharing the gift of music with Pepper.


  1. As a choir member for many years, i believe, as a wonderful choir director once said to us.”Choir singing in not so much a performance, as it is expressing your faith to the congregation” So true and that encourages choirs sing the best that they are able.

  2. I enjoy singing, conducting and listening to John Rutter’s music – it lifts me up! He has a particularly satisfying way of wedding the text and the music. “God Be in My Head” is my all-time #1 for service music.

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