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To help teachers adjust to virtual learning situations, Wingert-Jones Publications, J.W. Pepper’s publishing division, is offering free online resources for band and orchestra directors to use with their students. They are providing excerpts from their string training books, lesson guide worksheets that have been adapted from their Achievement Concert Band Series, and a series of listening lessons designed to enhance all-around musicianship from beginner to advanced levels. These can be utilized by any music student.

We hope these materials help you as you navigate new teaching experiences. Please know we are wishing you the very best through this unique time.

Instrumental Worksheet Overview


String Training Units:

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Joe Snyder
Joe serves as the Music Publications Manager for Wingert-Jones Publications in Exton, Pa. For 17 years he taught K-12 Instrumental and General Music in Pennsylvania and Florida. He is also an active musician, composer/arranger and music copyist. Please feel free to reach out with questions or comments at


    • Thanks for your question, Susan. All of the resources can be used by band as well. The string training lessons focus primarily on basic music theory and not really on string pedagogy though it is in treble clef and primarily sharp keys. The other resources are all terminology and listening analysis, and therefore can be used across the board. We also have other resources, including a Tracy Harris video on flute tone and this week we will begin publishing a series of sight-reading tutorials. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      • Thank you for your reply. I completely understand, but since we are remote learning, I think my students would see “strings” and feel that did not apply to them. I appreciate your additional content and will consider using it. Thanks again.

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