It’s Summer! Time for Drum Corps International!


Ah, don’t you just love the summertime?  A season filled with sun, backyard barbecues, family reunions, memorable vacations, and lots of fun events.

One particularly thrilling event has been taking place every summer for over three decades now, which involves the many talented groups affiliated with the Drum Corps International organization touring around the country throughout the hot summer months, bringing great music, sharp-looking drills and excitement to every DCI fan.

The summer before starting high school, I attended a week-long band camp at West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  It was also my first introduction to the Drum and Bugle Corps competitions.  I truly loved every single minute of those events:  the sound of the brass instruments, the beating of drums, the twirling of the rifles, the silks — all under the direction of a much-focused drum major.  Everything that is representative of drum corps, from the sharp, clean look of their uniforms to the countless hours they spend preparing the music, dance moves, and marching drills, until the routines are crisp, precise and nearly 100% perfect.

Each year thousands of young men and women dedicate a great deal of hard work, determination, and their entire summer to making their drum corps a force to be reckoned with.  I am sure all the groups are hoping to come in first place or at least be in the top ten best Drum Corps International slots.  DCI has definitely evolved over the years and is becoming a major global event expanding on their already loyal fan base with approximately 400,000 individuals attending the DCI events.

I believe at one time drum and bugle corps competitions used to be aired on the PBS channel.  Nowadays people have the ability to view drum corps on one of the ESPN channels or visit a local movie theater certain times during the summer in order to see the DCI groups in action.

Thank you Drums Corps International and all those that perform for us for creating exciting, beautiful music in the summertime!

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Heidi Norris
A Vocalist and a Concert Opera Philadelphia Company Board Member. Earned a M.S. Degree from Full Sail University (July 2010), and B.A. In Music from Immaculata University (May 2006). Works in the Accounts Payable division of J.W. Pepper.

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