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J.W. Pepper announces new Vice President, e-Business Development and Support

Exton, PA – J.W. Pepper is pleased to announce Chris Fowler has been named Vice President, e-Business Development and Support. In his new role, Chris will acquire a greater responsibility within the e-Business area of Pepper.

He will oversee the development and management of 3rd party e-Business relationships and help identify and vet future business opportunities for Pepper. Additionally, Chris will take on the primary responsibility of managing the development and maintenance of company-owned and technology-based Intellectual Property.

“Chris Fowler has a wealth of technical expertise and a long track record of strong business leadership,” says Dave DiMarino, Chief Strategy Officer. “As our company continues to evolve within an industry that is becoming increasingly technology based, I am looking forward to seeing his skills put to even greater use.”

Chris earned a Webmaster Certificate from Pennsylvania State University and has been an integral member of the Pepper organization for 24 years. During his time with Pepper, he has worked in numerous areas, including: CSR, data processing operations, internal system development, web development and management of web development. Chris will bring his vast technical experience to his new role.

For more information about this press release, contact Mary Rogelstad at 610-648-0500 x2267 or mrogelst@jwpepper.com.


About J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. Founded in 1876, J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. is the largest sheet music retailer in the world. Pepper recently celebrated its 140th anniversary, honoring 14 decades of customer service and devotion to music and music education. In addition to providing music accessories, various music software products, and music for state contests and music festivals, Pepper also offers choral, band, orchestra, church, classroom, instrumental, piano, and vocal music to directors, teachers, and other professional musicians around the world. The company provides its products and services through its 12 stores across the U.S. and online, including its newest store, RBC Music Company, in San Antonio, TX.

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