Live Music – It’s Something Special


Whether it’s the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps, club bands, a college recital or Pat Metheny, live music is special.  Unfortunately, it’s also somewhat taken for granted in an era and generation where just about everything is digital, recorded, synced, uploaded, downloaded, or streamed over various sources.  We tend to forget how important, and refreshing, music is live.

Since this spring, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have experienced live music more than the norm — as an audience member, performer, and even as a music adjudicator.  I’ve seen my fair share of live music this season!

My niece’s middle school musical was entertaining and fun, as were the several high school jazz band festivals I attended.  Seeing my daughter’s college choir concert and musical production of Chicago, along with my nephew’s Rock and Roll Camp band were both positive personal experiences.  As a percussionist, attending Drum Corps International championships and witnessing the musical pageantry of thousands of young performers was very rewarding.

I not only had the chance to listen to a wide array of music, but I spent some of my summer performing as well.  The community concert band I perform with played several concerts in parks and retirement communities.

The opportunity to adjudicate other performers provides a unique listening experience.  For me this included traveling to judge many indoor percussion events with the Drum Corps Associates summer season, including judging DCA championships.  Every time, this is always a fresh, fun and entertaining experience.

I’ve truly enjoyed the diverse areas of live music I encountered this year.  While your musical involvement is most likely different than mine, no matter what format of music you witness, the experience is always special!

If you have not seen music live in awhile, get out from behind the electronics and go see a musical performance.  You will be amazed with the performers and enriched by the experience.  By attending a concert or competition, you also support musicians and performers who play an important part in our society, our education and our culture.

Paul Smith
Paul has been an active Pepper employee for over 33 years and is currently Vice President of Customer Contact Center/Corporate Facilities. He is a music education and copyright advocate, percussionist and marching band/indoor percussion/drum corps adjudicator.

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