Making Music Side by Side


Pianists, think back to your first experience playing the piano alongside another.  For me, it was at home at age eight, sitting on the bench of our just-delivered Kawai upright with my mother.  At that moment, I knew nothing about playing the piano.  But like so many, the one and only thing my mother could plunk out was Heart and Soul.

So we sat together at that brand-new piano and made music together.  Skip ahead more than 30 years, and I realize even though it was just Heart and Soul, it was a profound moment — the moment the piano made its entrance into my life.

If you’re interested in the centuries-old tradition of pianists (young and not young, students, hobbyists and professionals alike) making music together, check out our presentation of repertoire at  For almost a decade, J.W. Pepper has been committed to presenting the best of what’s published in this genre.  You’ll find “Ensembles” repertoire under almost every category in the silver horizontal menu (towards the top of every page) including Teaching Library, Repertoire, Sacred, and Seasonal.

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What are your most cherished memories of making music side by side?  Please share them with us in the Comments section below.


Cindy Harrington
Professional pianist. Spent many years teaching private and group piano lessons at all levels.

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