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Music Education? There’s an App For That

Pepper customers tend to be pretty tech savvy.  Not a single clinic or convention goes by where we’re not introduced to some new amazing app that a teacher or director is using to make what they do a little bit easier, or at least more fun.

I thought it might be nice to share some of the apps we at Pepper have seen in use in hopes that others will discover something that they, too, can utilize.

Music Quotes (Brighthouse Labs)  –  Why not begin each rehearsal with some insight and inspiration?  This app comes with a large number of quotes from musicians and authors from all over the world.

Attendance (David Reed)  –  While not specifically designed for music educators, this incredibly powerful app allows you to track attendance for each day and each class/group.  It is customizable, so in addition to present, tardy, or absent, you can also keep track of when they forget their music or instrument.  Data can also be exported to a CSV file for use in Excel.

Cleartune (bitcount)  –  How about an endorsement from Roseanne Cash?  “My most indispensable app is my guitar tuner, Cleartune.  None of the old visual or analog tuners are as precise.  I’ve even taken it on stage with me!”  This powerful chromatic tuner displays a note wheel and a fine-tuning meter, both of which let you find the right pitch and tune for just about any instrument you can think of.

Music Dictionary (Hurryforward Ltd.)  –  This app has over 4,000 definitions of terms used, from the four primary languages used in classical music notation:  Italian, Latin, German, and English.  Easy-to-use search option, with the ability to e-mail definitions to students, friends and colleagues.

Instruments in Reach Basic (John Ferland)  –  Perfect for young band and orchestra students, this was created by former band director Daniel Ferland.  Offering a fingering chart for every instrument, this app is great for those moments when you need to verify a fingering or position.

Metron (Sintra Works)  –  A favorite amongst studio teachers, Metron goes beyond the usual single and multiple beat ticks of digital metronomes by offering detailed control over rhythm patterns, tempo settings and time signatures (including complex and compound signatures).

Of course there are scores of other applications available and we’d love to hear which ones you’re using to enhance your curriculum.  Let us know!

Mandy Kubikhttp://jwpepper.com
Singer/Songwriter; Keyboard, Piano, Flute Player; Certified Associate Recording Engineer/Producer; Music Advocate; Regional Manager, J.W. Pepper, Michigan

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