Music History Collection: Blogs and Documentaries that Explore Our Musical Past


Pepper has gotten the opportunity to explore a lot of music history, taking closer looks at both the people and the instruments that helped shape the world around us. Below is a list of documentaries and feature articles we’ve produced over the past few years on a wide variety of subjects. They would make great topics of discussion for students and are excellent learning opportunities for anyone with an interest in music. We invite you to share the interviews and hope the material is helpful to you!


J.W. Pepper History:

To All Lovers of Music and Song – Learn more about the rich history of J.W. Pepper & Son, from its founding in the late 1800s, through the struggles of the Great Depression, and on to today.
J.W. Pepper and the University of Pennsylvania Band – Explore the common history between Pepper and the U. Penn Band. Both were founded around the same time and enjoyed a warm relationship early on.

Music History:

A Brief History of Polka Music – Join accordion maestro and polka expert Alex Meixner as he explores the history of this immediately recognizable style of music.
The Leonard Bernstein Exhibit – Explore the work of Leonard Bernstein through a tour of The Power of Music at the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Edition Peters: Bringing Sheet Music to the Masses – Listen to Gene Caprioglio, Vice President of New Music and Rights for C.F. Peters, as he discusses the company’s unique history.
Jazz with Pepper: Remembering Louis Armstrong – Learn more about Armstrong’s contributions to jazz from Victor Goines and Marcus Printup, both members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.


Silent No More and Music at Mount Vernon: A Replica of the Washington Family Harpsichord – The story of the Washington family harpsichord, which filled the halls of Mount Vernon with song. Recently, a replica was made of the instrument so that it could be heard once more.
A Tour of the Austin Organ – Learn about one of our national treasures, the thousands of pipes that create its unique sound, and the effort to renovate and restore it so that it can be heard for years to come.
The Birth of the Sousaphone – Learn about the collaboration between March King John Philip Sousa and our founder James Welsh Pepper, who led efforts to create the very first sousaphone.

Music History Feature Articles

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