National Choir Appreciation Sunday! How Will You Celebrate?


Mark January 8, 2012 on your calendar! It’s time to show our appreciation to church musicians everywhere!  Join people nationwide in thanking the good folks in your church who share their musical talents with you every week.

J.W. Pepper is co-sponsoring the National Choir Appreciation Sunday event held on January 8th, along with CCLI and Sermonspice.   While musical volunteers should be appreciated every week, having a special day dedicated to this purpose will hopefully raise awareness of their special contribution to your church’s music ministry.

We here at Pepper have a warm place in our hearts for church musicians.  We get to meet many in our daily work — choir directors, instrumentalists, childrens’ choir directors.  We just had to help sponsor a special event that lets these folks know how much they are appreciated.  We see them give so selflessly for the life and vitality of their church.  They are a real inspiration to us.

Please help us spread the word to anyone who loves music as part of their church services.  Tell your music directors!  Tell your pastor!  How you celebrate the choir is up to you–a special announcement or blessing, a thank you note to the director, donuts and coffee after church or maybe just a smile and a handshake.  There are millions of people who sing out in praise every Sunday.   Join us in thanking that multitude of volunteers for the inspirational music they provide week in and week out!

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Kathy Fernandes
Kathy Fernandes is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for J.W. Pepper. With her background as a school band director, studio teacher, and ongoing experiences as a flutist and mother of three musicians, Kathy is immersed in music. She continues to be involved in education by teaching middle school-aged students at her church and also serves on its Pastoral Council. Kathy advocates for a healthy musical culture by serving on the Board of the Music Publishers Association of the United States, as an industry representative for the American Choral Directors Association and through participation on the Corporate Advisory Council for the National Association for Music Education and the Support Music Coalition. Kathy is Secretary of Corporation for J.W. Pepper’s Board of Directors, is a Forbes Communication Council member, and is a former member of the Key Executive Group for the greater Philadelphia area.

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