Chloe Flower Is Redefining Classical Music (With Some Help from Cardi B)

    The fierce performance by both Flower and Cardi B at the 61st Grammy Awards would be one of the most talked about performances of the night.While it may have been the first time most pop music fans became aware of Chloe Flower, who grew up in Pennsylvania and began taking serious piano lessons at the age of 12, she had been making waves on social media for a while, most notably by performing covers of pop and hip-hop hits like the “Despacito” remix, as well as “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar.

    The instrumentalist, who is also a businesswoman and an activist (Flower is passionate about using music education as a means of preventing human trafficking), had one goal that night, and it’s the same goal she strives for every day: to show audiences that classical music is cool and accessible no matter your economic background.

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