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Are you a music education advocate?  If you teach, you surely are, as teaching has advocacy at its core.  From organizing music parent meetings to working with colleagues in other curriculum areas, every human connection you make matters.  As we kick off Music in Our Schools Month, we’re celebrating the advocate—the individual who works to support our music programs.

One fine example of music advocacy is found in Joseph Sugar.  In fact, in the state of New York, March 1st is now known as Joseph R. Sugar NYSSMA Day.  The New York State School Music Association renamed its annual celebration after Joseph in recognition of his unfailing efforts to build statewide support of music programs.  The celebration held in the state capital connects music educators with state lawmakers, yielding important understanding and dialog between both groups.   Read more in School Music News:  http://www.nyssma.org/files/13/advocacyart1-10.pdf

Even with Joseph’s passing this year, what he taught us lives on.   He and his wife Carol have been and continue to be an example of how individuals can raise awareness, of how individuals can make a difference.  Advocates work for public understanding of the value of music learning.  In global understanding we find stability of programs, where future generations are guaranteed a music education.  The advocates help ensure our cultural traditions are passed on, and we thank them for it.

Are there advocates you’d like to thank?  Share their stories with us.

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