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Reading Sessions: The Shortcut to Your Success

For the past few months, the Pepper editors have listened to mountains of music to find the best choices for our Pepper Live events, and we’re looking forward to sharing all that new music with you. If you’ve never joined us for a reading session, we’d like to share our top five reasons for attending:

1. Work with top composers and arrangers – see their rehearsal and conducting techniques in action.
“With every J.W. Pepper reading session, I have had an opportunity to teach others or to demonstrate to others how I teach the music.”—Rollo Dilworth

2. Save time.
“It’s an amazing timesaver – our editorial team has done it for them … you could go home with your whole year planned.”—Linda Schmidt, Vice President of Regional Sales, J.W. Pepper

3. Connect and build rapport with experienced clinicians.
“We get up close and personal with the music, and we can get up close and personal with the composers.”—Regina O., Pastoral Assistant, Worship & Music

 4. Be part of the choir again.
“I love coming together and becoming a community of song. There is something that is wonderfully encouraging about that.”— Joseph Martin

“Having a whole day where you could take the music that was being presented and try out the choreography that you are going to do with your students just made it come alive.”—Lyndsey H., Director of Music

 5. Network with colleagues and clinicians.
“I think especially for younger directors… reading sessions are a great place for them to build community and to network.”—Heather Sorenson

A reading session is truly an experience you can’t get anywhere else. To wrap it up in the words of two favorite clinicians:

“If you’ve never been, treat yourself! It’s one of the most uplifting experiences you’ll ever have!“—Joseph Martin

“It’s the shortcut to your own success!”—Sharon Burch

Visit our events page to find a reading session near you.



Jen Tolnay
Jen Tolnay has been working for J.W. Pepper since 1991. She previously worked in customer service, and now spends her time on Pepper’s social media efforts. Jen has a degree in music theory from Temple University, and spent many years as musical director and accompanist for a variety of musical theatre productions She also works as the choir director/pianist/organist at a local church.

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