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    If you are a music director at a Catholic church, you are likely aware that on November 27, 2011, the first Sunday of Advent, your church will begin to use the revised Order of Mass.

    The change of text for English-speaking churches requires music directors be prepared with new musical settings to match the text.  With the final text now set, publishers of liturgical music offer both completely new settings as well as revised versions of popular settings of the Order of Mass.   Follow the link below to access our online guide to listen to recordings, see sample pages and read descriptions of the music.

    You’ll find completely new settings, as well as revised familiar settings from GIA Publications, World Library Publications and Oregon Catholic Press, set in styles ranging from cathedral to more contemporary styles.  Composers such as David Haas, Richard Proulx, Owen Alstott, Christopher Walker, Steven R. Janco, and Marty Haugen are represented, so you know you’ll find music that is both liturgically and stylistically appropriate for your church.

    According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ website, the texts of the revised translation are marked by a style and grammatical structure that closely follows the Latin text, and includes restoration of biblical and poetic images.  The revised Order of Mass has been prepared by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) on behalf of conferences of Bishops from English speaking countries.  Many parishes have begun the process of educating their congregations about the text changes with more to follow in the coming months.   Click here for more information from USCCB.

    Click here  to visit jwpepper.com/Mass to hear and see sample pages of the new and revised musical settings for the Order of the Mass.

    Click here  to view our Order of the Mass printed catalog.


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