Restoring the Musical Past: Listen to Mount Vernon’s New Harpsichord


For the past two years, Pepper has been following the painstaking construction of a harpsichord for Mount Vernon that is a replica of the Washington family’s original instrument. The project took about 3,500 hours to complete, and now music has returned to Mount Vernon – filling the halls as it did when George Washington lived there and his step-granddaughter Nelly played the original instrument.

See how the harpsichord is being used today in the video above.

And then catch up on the whole story by reading the first two blogs:

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Brendan Lyons
Brendan started at Pepper in 2012 and currently works in the Marketing department as a copywriter. A graduate of Villanova University, Brendan has been a musician for over twenty years. He is also an author, using his talents at Pepper to bring the knowledge of our experienced staff to our customers.


    • Thanks for your question. At last word, the original harpsichord was being stored in a climate-controlled museum at Mount Vernon. To inquire about viewing the original instrument, it may be best to visit for more details.

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