Round & Round & Round… How Was Your Record Store Day?


When I was young, I remember saving my allowance up until I had enough to purchase that new LP I wanted.  For those of you too young to know what “LP” is, it stands for “long play” and differentiated between the 7-inch record which contained one song on each side and the 12-inch record which normally had at least five or six songs on each side.

It was the best feeling in the world to buy a brand-new record, slit the plastic open and remove the shiny black vinyl to place on the turntable for the very first time. There was something so sweet about hearing the needle drop into the groove on the album and listening to just a moment of static before the music began.  When I close my eyes today, I am taken back to that time and I remember the feeling as if I am holding a brand-new record in my hand.  I spent many weeks of allowance on new records and my collection grew to be quite large.

As times changed, cassettes came, and then came compact discs.  As a purists though, I am a little bit stubborn and have always refused to let go of my vinyl.  There were many hours worked as a child, many Christmas and birthday presents, and let’s face it, just The Love of Vinyla lot of my personal history wrapped up in those records, and I wasn’t about to get rid of them.

As I got older, I realized that the covers were as much fun as the music, and I began to realize that the records were becoming valuable too.  I made sure that my turntable was working properly and that I had a spare on hand — and I was set.

I am realizing that I’m not the only one who sees the value in these old records.  Though digital recording have become the norm, many people, like me, love the warmth of analog and we hold on to our collections.  Artists like Adele and others are now releasing their current projects on vinyl.  Availability of vinyl is actually increasing again!  Interest in vintage vinyl is at an all-time high.  There is even an app for both iPhone and Android that can assist you in locating retail stores that carry vinyl.

I guess the old adage is really true after all, “everything old is new again.”  Whether you are looking for used records that you once had or new records to rebuild a collection, maybe it is time that you consider vinyl again!  Dust off that old turntable, pull out those records from the attic and see what kind of treasures you have.  I know the memories will make you smile.  Some of my prized possessions are “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore (1963), “Offering” by The Carpenters (1969), and “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” by Vickie Lawrence (1972).  With classics like that, how can you not enjoy Record Store Day?



Doug McComas
Music advocate, church choir director, pianist, vocalist, private music teacher, sacred choral editor at J.W. Pepper, supporter of Pepper's southeastern US customers from our store in Georgia

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