Church Music Publishers Association endorses J.W Pepper’s print-on-demand music service

Exton, PA – The Church Music Publishers Association endorses J.W Pepper as the print-on-demand music supplier for its publisher members.

J.W. Pepper’s print on demand service enables  music retailers to provide print  music that otherwise may not have been available. Older and lower turn publications are often economically difficult for publishers to keep in print through traditional means. Pepper’s print on demand service allows retailers to consummate the sale with a customer by placing orders whereby the music is  literally printed as the retailer demands it. Turn around time is quick and print quality is excellent.
According to Glenn Burtch, Vice President of Research and Development, Pepper’s print on demand process delivers a viable business opportunity for publishers to tap existing resources in their catalog, while offering exceptional service to both the music retailer, and by extension to musicians around the globe.  In essence, the process of producing the music as it is ordered enables publishers to keep music available for purchase that might normally go out of print as it becomes economically challenging to keep inventory on hand.
The C.M.P.A. is an organization of publishers of Christian music with a strong spiritual dimension who come together to share mutual areas of concern regarding copyright information, education, administration, and protection, facilitating public and industry awareness in these areas, and to develop continuing personal and professional relationships.
J.W. Pepper®, leading retailer of sheet music in the world, has been in  business for 134 years, with 14 locations across the country including the corporate headquarters in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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