The Conn-Selmer Institute 2014


The Conn-Selmer Institute returns this year from June 8th to the 11th.  Held annually in Mishawaka, Indiana, sessions focus on recruitment techniques, retention, student engagement, and motivation as well as a wide range of other topics music teachers may not have touched upon in college.

Started in 1997, the Conn-Selmer Institute has worked to promote music education.  Led by Tim Lautzenheiser, the Institute features 18 premier musical minds presenting various seminars and sessions for both music teachers and music education students.

On Tuesday, June 10, there will be a special session called The Music Parents/Booster Leader Seminar.  Attendees will learn about powerful and effective strategies to grow support for their local music programs.  Music parents and boosters already do a lot for their children’s music groups, and this session will teach them how to optimize their hard work.

For more information on the Institute and the special session, including schedules and a full list of the presenters, go to the Conn-Selmer Institute website:


Brendan Lyons
Brendan started at Pepper in 2012 and currently works in the Marketing department as a copywriter. A graduate of Villanova University, Brendan has been a musician for over twenty years. He is also an author, using his talents at Pepper to bring the knowledge of our experienced staff to our customers.

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