The Midwest Clinic: Postlude


The 66th Annual Midwest Clinic for band and orchestra was a huge success!  Meeting many of our customers and putting a face to a name is always exciting.  Thank you for stopping by the Pepper booth to check out our exclusive offerings like our Editors’ Choice Online,  and to introduce composers to our new My Score program.

We were please to sponsor several sessions and book signings with quite a group of talented authors and musicians.

In this day in age, more and more band directors find themselves taking on the role of choir director as well.  Russ Robinson’s  clinic, based on his book I Know Sousa, Not Sopranos!, gives insight to band directors in this situation.  After his clinic, Russ stopped by our booth and met some directors who do exactly this.

Frank Battisti, the author of Winds of Change II: The New Millennium examined the American wind band from 2000 – 2010.  This man is a legend!  During his in-booth book signing, there was a line of customers waiting to meet him for the entire hour!  His philosophies are inspiring for all.

Mark Fonder, the author of Patrick Conway and His Famous Band, took time to speak with every person who wanted to talk with him.  His insight and knowledge on Conway, a post-Civil-War-era band director, is extensive.

We also had book signings with Gary Stith, author of Score Rehearsal Preparation, and Edward Lisk, author of The Musical Mind of the Creative Director.  We enjoyed having them in our booth!

If you missed our annual handbook of all the music performed at the clinic, here’s a second chance to have this critical Midwest Clinic information.  We look forward to seeing you again next year, and in the meantime wish everyone great musical success!



Heather Pechin
Heather Pechin earned a Music Business Degree from Indiana State University. She currently directs a church choir and the Indy Adult Show Choir, which she also Choreographs. She also enjoys writing a restaurant review blog in her spare time.

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