The Start of a New Musical Journey


Here we are in the month of September with many kids already back in school or preparing to begin a new school year. Parents have made sure their kids are enrolled properly, have the required school supplies as well as the right uniform or latest fashion trend. The beginning of a school year also offers opportunities for new musical journeys for school-aged children.

Many students will be introduced to music education for the first time this year, by learning to play a new instrument or perhaps by becoming part of their school choral group to discover hidden vocal talents.  For those young people who already have a special place in their heart for music will become even better musicians than the year before.

Students, parents, and faculty alike will soon be filling up stadium bleachers to cheer their favorite football and soccer teams.  Pep songs and well-rehearsed drills will be performed by marching bands across the country.  Events such as homecomings, local town parades, and competitions are sure to keep marching bands busy throughout the school year too.  As the season gains momentum, choral and instrumental teachers will be working with their students on festive Halloween tunes before moving on to rehearsals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other important holiday celebrations.

As the 2011 summer season starts to wind down and a new school year winds up, musicians everywhere are creating new musical journeys.  On that note (no pun intended), we wish all teachers and students a successful and enjoyable school year!


Heidi Norris
A Vocalist and a Concert Opera Philadelphia Company Board Member. Earned a M.S. Degree from Full Sail University (July 2010), and B.A. In Music from Immaculata University (May 2006). Works in the Accounts Payable division of J.W. Pepper.

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