This is your brain on music


Your Brain on Music
Music learning is good for your brain.

Talk about preaching to the choir!  If you’re involved in music you already know music has benefits well beyond simple aural aesthetics.  Now musicians have the scientific community backing up this commonly held belief with even more research.  The Associated Press recently published findings by neuroscientists who confirmed music training is useful on many levels, including improving daily brain function.  Music is quite literally great brain exercise which keeps important functions in the brain limber, making certain functions happen with less effort.  In addition, the neurologists believe music used as therapy is particularly useful in helping patients with autism and dyslexia, and for certain types of stroke recovery.

It’s interesting stuff and worth a read.


  1. This is so true. A lot of people knew Einstein dropped out of school because his teacher believed he was dull-witted. What not a lot of people know is he became an avid violinist before he became brilliant. Now, of course, a causal link cannot be established but it’s certain an interesting “coincidence”, isn’t it?

    Unfortunately, not all music is beneficial to the brain. Rock and other loud music, has been shown to deteriorate it.

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