Adding Orff Instruments to the Music Classroom


For nearly a century, the Orff approach has been used to help children explore the world of music. This experience usually includes opportunities for students to play on instruments such as xylophones and glockenspiels.

To help teachers learn more about instrument and accessory options, Pepper is creating new videos that give detailed overviews of products. First up is in the Sonor Deep Bass Xylophone being showcased by our Elementary/Secondary General Music Editor Tom Dean in the video below.

Also below is a slideshow with more information on Orff instruments. Please enjoy the video and slideshow, and let us know in the comments what products you want to hear more about. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates!

More About Orff Instruments

Orff Instruments: Classroom Essentials

Whether a music teacher uses the Orff approach or not, almost all have had some interaction with the wonderful instruments that are associated with Orff-Schulwerk.

Orff -Schulwerk is a developmental approach created by composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman in the 1920s.

It combines music, movement, drama, and speech in lessons.
Orff believed that children should have instruments especially built for them.
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Chime bars and timpani are also considered essential instruments for classroom activities incorporating the Orff approach.
More on Orff Instruments

For more information about the Orff approach, view our blog on using Orff instruments in the classroom.

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For more information on resources and technique, check out our earlier Orff blog from Tom Dean.

View more Orff instruments here. Orff bundles are also available through this link, and you can view Orff classroom resources here.

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