Virtual Choir 3: Eric Whitacre’s Water Night

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 3 has proven yet again choral singing’s unique ability to form a bond between people the world over.  Singers from 72 countries joined the online choir in this latest marriage of music and technology.

The unveiling of the video at Lincoln Center revealed much more than just a video of choral performance.   In the accompanying discussions, you joined the conversation about music and technology between Eric and his composition mentor, Oscar-winning composer John Corigliano and Chris Anderson, founder of TED conference.  There was a wonderful synergy as student, teacher and technology guru talked about where we are and where we might be as technology and the arts develop side by side in our world.  This is very timely subject matter for the generations who absorb technology as part of their daily lives.

J.W. Pepper is a Co-Producer of Virtual Choir 3 and we are pleased to share with you these video moments:

Click here to see ABC News coverage featuring some of the choir member stories.



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Kathy Fernandes is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for J.W. Pepper. With her background as a school band director, studio teacher, and ongoing experiences as a flutist and mother of three musicians, Kathy is immersed in music. She continues to be involved in education by teaching middle school-aged students at her church and also serves on its Pastoral Council. Kathy advocates for a healthy musical culture by serving on the Board of the Music Publishers Association of the United States, as an industry representative for the American Choral Directors Association and through participation on the Corporate Advisory Council for the National Association for Music Education and the Support Music Coalition. Kathy is Secretary of Corporation for J.W. Pepper’s Board of Directors, is a Forbes Communication Council member, and is a former member of the Key Executive Group for the greater Philadelphia area.

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