Well, What’s so Special About Wells?


Gals Kazoo Band
Gals Kazoo Band

Every summer the 700 inhabitants of Wells, New York hold their “Old Home Days” parade down the only main street in town.  Wells sits on a stream-fed lake tucked between lush green mountains of the Adirondacks, creating a beautiful backdrop to the string of fire trucks, antique cars and handmade floats that pass by.   

This celebration of community happens all over our country, with each town finding it’s own unique voice for celebration.  In Wells, the musical voices are heard in the form of a catchy tune played by the Wells Central School Band as they were pulled along on a flatbed cart.  Soon to follow was “A Pretty Good Band,” a community group that performs at local events.  (And yes, that really is their name.) 

I strained to see if my favorite group in the parade was marching (ok, walking) again this year, and sure enough, I soon heard the soft familiar hum of the Gals Kazoo Band of Long Lake, New York.  The pleasant buzz of the “Caisson Song” kept them moving  down the street, their punchy red outfits projecting cheerful confidence.  And why not, ladies?  Maybe some of you are learned musicians.  Maybe some are music parents, or grandparents.  Maybe some of you can barely carry a tune.  The truth is, none of that matters.  For one glorious August day, you strut down the main street in town, celebrating both your community, your music and friendship, and left us all a little happier for having seen you.  Let’s hear it for those brave enough to kazoo!

Do you have a favorite parade?  Tell us about it.

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Kathy Fernandes
Kathy Fernandes is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for J.W. Pepper. With her background as a school band director, studio teacher, and ongoing experiences as a flutist and mother of three musicians, Kathy is immersed in music. She continues to be involved in education by teaching middle school-aged students at her church and also serves on its Pastoral Council. Kathy advocates for a healthy musical culture by serving on the Board of the Music Publishers Association of the United States, as an industry representative for the American Choral Directors Association and through participation on the Corporate Advisory Council for the National Association for Music Education and the Support Music Coalition. Kathy is Secretary of Corporation for J.W. Pepper’s Board of Directors, is a Forbes Communication Council member, and is a former member of the Key Executive Group for the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Another great kazoo parade is the Nazareth Pa Anual 4th of July Kazoo Parade.. This year’s parade was another great success with a great turn out. As an old fwooden olk kazoo maker I was very proud to have a kazoo or two in this prade for the past couple years.
    The Old Kazoo Maker
    Great Aswego Kazoo Factory

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