Ways to Virtually Engage Your Church’s Music Ensemble


When we go through a crisis in life, we do two things: we go back to foundational constants, and we seek connection. We listen to that one song, watch that one show, reread that one scripture that brings us comfort, rest, peace, joy, strength, and restoration. We call that one friend who has always been there for us, and they listen as we share our hearts and our struggles.

During this time of the unknown, you as music ministers are in a unique position because you can be the avenue that brings the answer to these responses. You can post a video of yourself singing a hymn that your church rallies behind, and you have instantly brought strength to your congregation. You can host a virtual choir rehearsal, and you’ve given connection in a time of separation.

But how does this look practically?

For your music ensembles, here are some ideas to reinforce community:

  • Have virtual Bible studies or coffee hangouts with Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • Record different members of your choir singing their favorite song and post them on social media throughout the week
  • Send text messages with scriptures to your ensemble members on overcoming fear (there are 365 of them!), peace, or making a joyful noise
  • Talk to them about pieces you would like to do in the fall or at Christmas
  • Send weekly personal emails to your ensemble members with encouraging mini messages; engage them in a conversation about what you are doing and what they are doing while staying safe at home; links to Bible devotionals in Bible apps, etc.
  • Plan a party for when we all get to be together again

If your church is live streaming its services, I would encourage you to keep growing in this area. Church looks different these days – that live stream can keep that connection with your congregation. As for incorporating music into these virtual services, keep it simple. Play or sing songs that are familiar – we all know the first and third verse and the chorus of each hymn.

Continue to be the avenue to bring constants and normalcy into your congregation’s lives. If you are not live streaming, I would encourage you to start. Start small if need be, but start.

People are hungry, and they are hungry for normalcy, consistency, and community. Dig deep to find your strength and share the gifts that God has given you. It can be overwhelming to be put in a position where you have to navigate the unknown, but if you take a step back and realize that you are an avenue for an answer, all of that unknown suddenly becomes clear: We are standing with you. We are here for you. Breathe – you got this.

For information on streaming licenses, visit One License and CCLI. For accessories to help share your music online, you can use:

USB microphones – These plug into your computer to provide much higher quality audio reproduction.
Audio interfaces – Allow you to record and share your music on multiple devices, including smart phones, pads, and computers
Handheld recorders – Help you record while on the go
Headphones – Enable the enjoyment of superior sound quality while blocking out ambient noise

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Nicole Boone
Nicole Boone
Nicole Boone is a native North Carolinian, currently living in Winston Salem. She is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has been working for J.W. Pepper for almost 6 years. She is very involved with her church as a marketing/social media volunteer and works with Living Faith International providing stateside marketing support for the missionary groundwork being done in Nairobi, Kenya.


  1. Our church is working hard on this. We are a multicultural church with a large deaf ministry so we coordinate the sermon & music with our visual and hearing worship leaders , interpreters, and captioning. So far so good. I miss the human connection, though, thank you for this article

    • This is wonderful, Holly. It sounds like your church is doing a fantastic job. Thanks for adding a comment about aspects, such as captions, that are important for so many people. Hopefully this will inspire other churches to consider adding such elements to their services.

  2. Nicole, We could use your advise more often! We have so many marketing/social media questions! One License/ CCLI is where wee have started.

    So many complications! Would love to find out more about it. I guess we need a Church Music Tech “On Speed Dial”!


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