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In the modern age, countless aspects of daily life have gone digital, and music is no exception. J.W. Pepper launched the digital sheet music platform ePrint back in 2000, and its popularity has grown tremendously since: today, over 300,000 titles on our site are available to purchase via ePrint, and digital sheet music comprises 25% of our overall sheet music sales! 

We’re excited to announce several updates and improvements to ePrint. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we hope that these new features make your user experience even better.

Now Live: Print to PDF

In December 2022, we launched our print-to-PDF feature, which allows customers to download the digital sheet music they purchase. Prior to this update, music was only accessible through the ePrint viewer. The goal of this change is to make it easier to access and print titles purchased through ePrint.

We expect the print-to-PDF feature to be especially helpful to individuals whose school networks’ strict firewalls make it difficult to view and print files through a third-party application. By printing to PDF rather than getting to them through the ePrint viewer, these teachers should avoid some of the technical issues they may have experienced in the past.

Now Live: QR Codes

Our newest update comes just in time for contest and festival season! You’ll notice that a QR code now appears at the bottom of each page of music that you purchase through ePrint.

This code serves as your proof of purchase through J.W. Pepper. When you or a contest or festival official scans the QR code using the camera app on a tablet or smartphone, a unique webpage containing order details will appear. Details include the name of the person and account who purchased the music and the number of parts purchased.

Veteran directors may recall the days of requesting a last-minute order letter from J.W. Pepper as proof of purchase and searching for a hotel business center or print shop to print it out—or even awaiting a fax! That’s what we call a “sheet music emergency,” and we’re happy to say that this particular brand of emergency is officially a thing of the past. Now that a unique QR code appears on every page of every ePrint title, all it takes is a quick scan to prove that you’ve purchased your repertoire legally and are in full copyright compliance.

Coming Soon: Mobile Printing

As of now, ePrint sheet music is viewable on any device, but users must use a laptop or desktop computer to print. Soon, you’ll be able to print ePrint purchases from your smartphone or tablet.

Coming Soon: Full Set Printing

We know that selecting and printing each individual part along with the full score can be time-consuming. We’re getting ready to introduce full set printing, which means you’ll be able to hit “print” once and get hard copies of the score and all the parts you need to pass out to your students.

Shop all titles available via ePrint here. Use the left-hand navigation menu to filter by ensemble type, instrumentation, voicing, difficulty level, and more. 

Let us know—what other features would you like to see added to ePrint?


  1. When searching books, how will I know whether a book is digitally available or not? Is there any specific sign I must be on the lookout?

    • Hi Carina, look for an E at the end of the Pepper number. That will indicate an ePrint item. Thank you for your question!

  2. Have there been any updates to the mobile ePrint app? Some of the digital music that I have order works just fine on the mobile app, but other titles cause the app to shut down and I get an error message that there is a bug and the developer needs to provide a fix. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this? I am using a Samsung phone for the app. Thank you. Laurie

  3. How about digital eprint we have already purchased? I’m one of those teachers who can’t print at school due to the firewall. Will the print to PDF be retroactive? Please say yes! ?

    • Yes! As long as you have prints left on your purchase, it should work. It may take a little time to render so it may take a little longer than you’d expect. Please contact us (800-345-6296 or if you need help getting your ePrints.

  4. Is there any place where choral music is split into parts and the parts are played? I know note flight, but there is a lower selection of traditional music.

  5. I am a asst. director for a choir, but also a vocalist in the group. Is there instructions on how to purchase the music and then download it on to my tablet that I have just purchased. It is a Samsun Ultra.
    Have looked at your website but have not found how to download this on to a tablet to start. There is 65 singers in the group and it is my hope that once people see that I am using a tablet that they will
    get the bug and start using a tablet also. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated. Stan Scott


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