Best Music Hardware & Software for Teachers 2022


Upgrade your classroom or home studio with some new gear! Our handpicked list of products, including both hardware and software, will help you to start the school year on the right note. No matter your budget or comfort level with technology, you’ll find some inspiration on this list to develop your musicianship and enhance your teaching experience.

Best Hardware for Music Teachers

Neom Microphone
Pepper #11394712

This USB-powered and controlled microphone has built-in monitoring features, level controls, a 3.5 mm jack for headphone monitoring, and an onboard mute button. Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, it’s easy to integrate into your existing setup.

The Neom USB Microphone from sE Electronics is a compact, affordable, and easy-to-use option that’s perfect for music production courses. It automatically focuses on your voice and filters out background noise for excellent sound quality without the need for an additional audio interface. Just plug it in and play to record or go live!

Pepper #11384261

The RE.CORDER, an acoustic and digital wind instrument, can do so much more than the recorders you typically see in elementary classrooms! Ideal for both general music and music technology courses, students can play this high-tech instrument acoustically or connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or computer for real-time feedback. A real MIDI controller, RE.CORDER can reproduce the timbre of any instrument, allowing students to get creative and explore different sounds while developing their musical skills.

The RE.CORDER can adapt performance techniques to accommodate students’ needs. For example, players can use a lip presence sensor so that they don’t need to apply pressure, activate keyboard mode (which does not require breath), and even use custom fingerings. These accessibility features allow students with disabilities to fully participate in lessons and rehearsals.

Modern, elegant, and extraordinarily versatile, this instrument deserves a place in every music classroom. The RE.CORDER is available in black, blue, red, and white.

OnyxGO Mic
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The OnyxGO, a wireless clip-on microphone, is a great option for recording your voice in a lesson, lecture, or rehearsal setting. Compact and easy to use, it pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth® and clips to a shirt or jacket for hands-free recording.

The OnyxGO comes with a companion app, which features AI-powered audio transcription and automatically generates subtitles. A five-band equalizer dials in the mix, and a headphone output allows you to monitor your sound.

M Caster Live
Pepper #11411656

The M Caster Live, a portable live streaming mixer, is perfect for those who teach online, live stream, record classes, or do any type of home recording. This mixer connects to any microphone or headset—just plug it in to get started! Send or receive audio by connecting it to your smartphone’s headphone jack, and fine-tune audio by using selectable presets.

Nexxus 360 Rechargeable Tuner
Pepper #11389846

Why deal with the hassle and expense of replacing batteries? This fast, accurate tuner’s discreet clip-on design, 360-degree rotation, and bright, full-color LED display make it easy to use in any setting. Plug the Nexxus 360™ Tuner into any USB port for up to 24 hours of tuning per charge!

500-Watt Active 8” Bluetooth Loudspeaker
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Make sure students hear you loud and clear—without losing your voice! Affordably priced and easily portable without sacrificing quality, Gemini Sound’s 8” Bluetooth® loudspeaker is an excellent investment for any classroom.

This compact yet powerful speaker features a built-in media player for MP3/WAV playback as well as an FM radio with an internal antenna. USB, SD, and Bluetooth® connections are included along with multiple microphone, guitar, and line inputs; on-board equalizers and mixers; and more.

Elmore YouTube Hands-Free Video Controller
Pepper #11389738

When you’re playing along with a video as you learn a skill, practice a song, or teach yourself a new musical instrument, the ability to control the video without moving your hands is enormously helpful.

The Elmore pedal connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth® and allows you to pause, play, fast forward, rewind, and slow down any YouTube video, minimizing frustration and helping you build muscle memory more quickly. There’s no need to download any extra software—just connect it to your smart device to get started!

Minuendo Lossless Earplugs
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Every musician needs high-quality hearing protection. Comfortable and adjustable, the Minuendo Lossless Earplugs are an effective safeguard against future hearing loss. Flat frequency response and stepless adjustment for varying noise levels allow for safe listening without compromising on detail, so you can enjoy high-quality sound.

Best Software for Music Teachers

Finale v27
Pepper #8604774D

Every teacher needs music notation software, and the latest version of Finale has expanded capabilities for unmatched power in an easy-to-use interface.

In Finale Version 27, sharing music is more advanced than ever before: you can upload documents privately or publicly without leaving the app, and it’s equipped with the latest version of MusicXML. Custom engraving capabilities ensure that your music looks exactly the way you intend, and human playback allows users to hear the correct sounds when listening to their compositions. MakeMusic, Inc. even offers an educational discount to students and teachers.

Sibelius Ultimate Educational
Pepper #10912177D

Sibelius, the world’s best-selling notation software, is another excellent option. Sibelius makes it easy to notate scores and design worksheets and lesson plans, and Avid Technology offers an educational discount to students and teachers.

Even if you already have Sibelius, it’s worth it to upgrade! The free mobile app now allows users to access and edit their scores anywhere, switching between an Apple® iPad® and a desktop computer without importing or exporting files. With the newest version of Sibelius, you can share scores in the cloud, embed them in a web page, and access them at all times.

When you’re faced with the task of outfitting a music classroom or studio, it can be difficult to know where to begin—especially when accounting for budgetary constraints. Each of the items on our list has something valuable to offer any teacher and is well worth the investment.

Do you have questions about any of the items on our list? Or did we leave out a product that you consider a must-have? Let us know in the comments!


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